Police say a Chapel Hill woman who has been missing for close to a month was spotted in Pittsboro recently.

Sergeant Bryan Walker of the Chapel Hill Police Department says that authorities haven’t been able to contact Kathryn Loreena Perkins since she went missing and still consider her to be endangered.

Perkins, 51, has medium-length red hair, stands at 5’7”, weighs 135 lbs., and has hazel eyes. She is believed to be suffering from dementia or some other cognitive impairment.

Walker says Perkins was seen in Pittsboro on April 5. He does not have information as to whether she was alone or accompanied.

Walker says a citizen reported the sightings.

“She was just seen at a couple of locations in Pittsboro, one being a church I believe and then possibly a grocery store,” Walker says.

Perkins was last seen in Chapel Hill in a white passenger car with two Hispanic males on Homestead Rd. on March 29.

“We don’t have any new information that leads us to believe that she is any more in danger than the original report, but until we can speak with her or a law enforcement officer can speak with her and confirm that, we have to assume that she is still endangered.”

If you have information concerning Perkins or her whereabouts, please call the Chapel Hill Police Department at 968-2760 or 911 immediately.