Officers from the Hillsborough Police Department are patrolling the neighborhoods looking for kids following the law.

The Police Department started a new program called Citation Patrol, which is rewarding kids wearing helmets while riding their bikes with a McDonald’s gift card and enforcing bike safety with providing helmets to those kids they see without them.

Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens said the officers have tried to enforce the importance of bike safety with a new approach.

“This is really really important. We want to make sure that kids not only have bikes but that they really know how to ride them safely,” Stevens said.

Stevens said they are using this program as a new way to get out in the community.

“Police are really a part of the fabric of the community, so, walking down the street we’ll chat with people, we’ll step into a restaurant, and we’ll drive around and chat with folks and the kids. Just be present in the community and start building those relationships and to do that particularly with the young folks seem like a good way to go,” Stevens said.

Stevens supports the new program and the police department for getting involved with the community.

“Right now they want to look for things going right, so, I really applaud this program that they are doing,” Stevens said.

The Citation Patrol has already begun so don’t forget those helmets when riding a bike.