Scott Bertram, who started Carrboro’s Townsend Bertram & Company along with Audrey Townsend in 1988, passed away last Friday.

A post from their daughter on the company’s website says that Bertram passed away “at sunrise with a smile on his face.”

The business was started with the intent of building “a community of adventure seeking, fun loving, environmentally caring people.” Townsend Bertram & Company has been continuously operating in Carrboro since opening and will be celebrating the 30th anniversary in historic CarrMill next September.

A public Memorial service will be held at 10am Sunday, August 27th, at The Inn at Bingham School, located at 6720 Mebane Oaks Rd, Mebane, NC.

Bertram had been battling cancer over the past four years.

You can read the full post and share stories about Bertram here.

Photo via Townsend Bertram & Company