Since 1971, the South Orange Rescue Squad has provided specialized emergency and medical services to Orange County and beyond. The rescue squad marks 50 years of service this week.

From CPR classes to emergency hurricane response, the all-volunteer medical professionals of the South Orange County Rescue Squad have provided a wide variety of services since its inception 50 years ago.

South Orange Rescue Squad members assist during flooding on South Estes in Chapel Hill (Photo via South Orange Rescue Squad)

In that time, emergency medicine has changed a lot. The rescue squad was around before Orange County even had a 911 service and it was one of the first paramedic classes taught in North Carolina.

“We have really seen a number of changes, and it’s been great to be a part of those changes,” said Chief Matthew Mauzy, who has run the squad since 2004 and been a member since 1996. “We look forward to being a part of those changes moving forward.”

South Orange Rescue Squad has trained close to 2,000 EMTs and taught free CPR classes to more than 10,000 citizens. Mauzy said educating people in emergency services helps foster a sense of community.

“Overall, I’m really proud that we continue to be able to provide the services that we do,” Mauzy said. “Our ability to do that with a group of volunteers is really pretty special and pretty impressive.”

The training and response of the rescue squad is all guided by its core mission, “Semper Aptus Muneris,” meaning always prepared to serve. Mauzy said that mission is at the heart of everything they do.

“To be able to respond professionally, capably, with the ability to meet the challenge and perform that response really anytime,” he said.

Mauzy said that mission statement will continue to guide the rescue squad into the future as it looks to stay on the cutting edge of medical services.

The squad will mark its 50th anniversary on June 11th, with a larger, public celebration planned for June 2022.

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