WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama blames Republicans for the government shutdown and says they didn’t even accomplish their goal.

“They’ve shut down a whole bunch of parts of the government, but the Affordable Care Act is still open for business,” President Obama says.

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The President addressed the nation Tuesday afternoon from the Rose Garden.

He says the shutdown is not about deficits.

“After all, our deficits are falling at the fastest pace in 50 years,” President Obama says. “We’ve cut them in half since I took office. In fact, many of the demands the Republicans are now making would actually raise our deficits.”

The Affordable Care Act, or Obama Care, requires all Americans to have health insurance and gives everyone the opportunity to shop for the best policy for them, much like shopping at a store.

In his address, President Obama even took time to share how the American people can access the health care options.

“Just visit healthcare.gov, and there you can compare insurance plans side-by-side the same way you’d shop for a plane ticket on Kayak or a TV on Amazon,” President Obama says. “You enter some basic information and you’ll be presented with a list of quality, affordable plans that are available in your area with clear descriptions of what each plan covers and what it will cost.”