The Town of Carrboro is looking for public input on the town’s revamped Web site, set to launch in the late summer.

The re-designed site is being overseen by The Town of Carrboro’s Information and Technology Manager Andy Vogel.

On Tuesday, he gave a public presentation at Town Hall to Mayor Lydia Lavelle and the Carrboro Board of Aldermen.

“We’re seeking input on navigation and functionality,” he said. “At any time, you can go to our Web site, and we have a Web address at the bottom of each page that you can click on and email any comments you may have about our Web site.”

Vogel said that one goal is to minimize the number of clicks it takes to get to important information.

“We’ve recognized our target audiences,” he says. “People who want to interact with the government. People looking to see what’s happening in our community – wondering what may be going on at The Cat’s Cradle or what’s occurring out at the town commons. People wanting to do business in the town, and with the town.”

Vogel said the revamped site will also be valuable to visitors.

The new site’s front page is definitely easier on the eyes than the current town site, with a much less cluttered layout.

Carrborro’s new logo is at the top of the page; below it, there’s a photo of families enjoying a sunny day out in the town. Links and current news each occupy their own small, orderly sections. It looks simple, and easy to use.

Vogel says the Web site will also have features to accommodate the visually impaired.

He added that his staff will also work on adding a tool to enable members of the public to communicate with local government about planned development projects.

Click here to fill out a survey regarding features you’d like to see on the re-designed Town of Carrboro Web site.