Wednesday night, the Chapel Hill Town Council will continue what turned out to be an angry public hearing this past Monday.

That’s because people who showed up to voice their opinions about the Ephesus-Fordham Renewal Plan didn’t actually get to speak.

The four-hour meeting was taken up with detailed staff presentations, and there was no time left for public comment.

That caused some people to storm out of the packed room after about three hours.

Council members still have a few left-over agenda items to consider, so tonight’s meeting at Southern Human Services Center Complex on Homestead Road will start an hour earlier than usual, at 6 p.m.

Items on the agenda include a public hearing on a Stormwater Management Master Plan, and requests for construction of 109 residential units at the site of Timber Hollow Apartments.

Wednesday night could also be the night that the Council votes on the Ephesus-Fordham plan, which is to rezone 190 acres near the intersection of Ephesus Church Road and Fordham Boulevard, in hopes of encouraging economic development in the area.

So, expect another standing-room-only crowd.