Chatham County Manager Renee Paschal announced her retirement to the Board of Commissioners and staff effective October 1, 2018.

“This was such a difficult decision, because I have the honor of working with such extraordinary people in Chatham County government and across the entire county. My decision is due to growing family responsibilities that require much more of my time — being manager requires complete commitment,” Paschal said in a release.

Assistant county manager Dan LaMontagne has been appointed interim county manager by the board, effective October 1, 2018.

Paschal has been in state and local government for 30 years and with the county for 25 years, where she has held several county administrative positions.

During those years, Paschal has helped design and implement the Chatham Leadership Academy, which has graduated 268 employees, helped a local citizens group develop the curriculum for a Citizens College program, initiated the formation of cross-departmental teams to begin the process of implementing the new Chatham Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted by the Board of Commissioners in 2017 and helping the county develop a budgeting process that is considered a model throughout the state and region.

Commissioner Chairman Diana Hales said the board regrets that Paschal has to leave for other obligations.

“We have been so fortunate to have her leadership in the county for 25 years. She will be greatly missed. Her commitment and expertise in support of Chatham residents is unparalleled,” said Hales.

Paschal said she is honored that the Board of Commissioners entrusted her to serve in the manager role and greatly appreciated their continued support.

“I have full confidence in the leadership, vision and skills of county administration and departments to move Chatham County forward effectively. While it’s hard to leave such a great organization, I know it is in very capable hands,” Paschal said.

Paschal is currently the first vice president of the NC City and County Management Association and earned a scholarship from the group to enroll in the inaugural class of the Public Executive Leadership Academy at the UNC School of Government.

Photo via Chatham County