Chapel Hill appears to have had a change of heart about waiting to opt in to the recently passed Brunch Bill.

After initially saying the item would be brought before the Town Council in September, town leaders have announced that a special meeting has been called for Monday, July 10.

The law allows alcohol sales at restaurants to begin at 10 o’clock Sunday morning, rather than the noon start that has been typical across North Carolina. But the law requires local action to enact the provision in each jurisdiction.

A special meeting was required because Chapel Hill town meetings had concluded for the spring and were not scheduled to resume until September.

Carrboro became the first locality to opt in to the earlier restaurant sales at a special meeting on Monday night, allowing earlier Sunday morning alcohol sales to begin in Carrboro next weekend.

If passed by Chapel Hill, the ordinance could be implemented by July 16.

Meanwhile, the Hillsborough Board of Commissioners is scheduled to vote on the ordinance at a July 20 meeting.

The Orange County Board of Commissioners would also have to pass an ordinance for establishments in unincorporated portions of the county. The BOCC has not announced any intention to hold a meeting.