Carrboro resident Tom Griffen plans to start out 2018 with a journey that not too many people have set out on before.

“On January 2, I am beginning a cross country journey afoot,” said Griffen. “I’m starting in Santa Monica, California, and then heading eastward.”

His six-month walk across the country will eventually take him back to the east coast.

The inspiration for this journey isn’t philanthropic or competitive in nature, it simply comes from a desire to challenge himself, Griffen explained.

“The driving force for me doing this six-month adventure is because I’ve got a hot fire burning in my belly to make it happen, and it’s been there for a long, long time,” said Griffen. “I’m finally saying yes to something that has been a maybe year after year.”

He knows it won’t be easy, and that is exactly why he wants to do it.

“I’m looking forward to those moments of fear,” said Griffen. “I’m looking forward to those moments of exhilaration that come with experiencing something that you are fully vulnerable and a part of in that way.”

While this will be the longest trip Griffen has ever taken, his love for hiking has taken him all the way up the Oregon Coast, a 420-mile trip.

You can aid Tom in his trip by donating to his GoFundMe.