While the local election cycle just finished up, one Orange County official is looking ahead to 2024 by starting her campaign.

Phyllis Portie-Ascott, a representative for District 2 in Orange County, launched her effort to maintain the seat on the county’s board of commissioners over the weekend. Her campaign team held a launch party on Sunday at the Churton Grove Clubhouse for supporters.

“My vision,” Portie-Ascott said in a release, “is to make Orange County a place where everyone has a real opportunity to live a safe and happy life, raise a family, and enjoy activities that build lifelong memories.”

Formerly the first vice chair for the Orange County Democratic Party, Portie-Ascott has served nine months on the county board. She was appointed by her colleagues in February to replace Renée Price after Price was elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives in 2022 — meaning the campaign is her first in a county election cycle. In her professional life, Portie-Ascott also works a Durham real estate agent.

In her announcement, Portie-Ascott said she is seeking a full four-year term to “continue the positive momentum” in the county government as it addresses the “evolving needs of Orange County residents.” She cited a desire to continue “building a thriving community for all” through improving affordable housing and homeownership options, as well as supporting education to empower the future’s workforce and addressing mental health.

District 2, which covers Hillsborough and northern Orange County, has two seats on the board of county commissioners. Earl McKee holds the other one, having won re-election in 2022. District 1 covers the towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

Anna Richards was also on the ballot in 2022, but will be again in 2024. She was appointed by the county commissioners in 2021 to fill the District 1 seat vacated by Mark Dorosin before being elected to a two-year term — meaning the seat will be up for a four-year term in 2024.

Richards, as well as District 1 Commissioner Jean Hamilton and At-Large Commissioner Amy Fowler, have yet to announce their plans for the 2024 election cycle. Candidate filing for most 2024 races in North Carolina begins at noon on Monday, December 4.


Photo via The Committee to Elect Phyllis Portie-Ascott.

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