Tracy Reams is retiring at the 10-year mark as the director of the Orange County Board of Elections.

Reams’ retirement was announced in a release on Tuesday afternoon and is effective January 31, 2018.

Reams joined the Orange County Board of Elections as the direction in 2008 after serving in that role in Nash County for 10 years.

“After 34 years of county government service, I think I am going to take a break, spend some time with family and work on some travel plans for the summer,” Reams said in a release. “I will also be involved with animal welfare projects and community services in Nash County. I am looking forward to the next exciting opportunity to come in the future.”

Officials tout several changes under the direction of Reams in improving voter experiences in the county, including updating voting machines and electronic poll books.

“I am most proud of the working relationship I have established with my election colleagues and feel blessed beyond measure that I got to be a part of such a great team,” Reams said.

The director of the Orange County Board of Elections position has been posted on the Orange County website since at least last Tuesday. The position listing closes on November 30 and has a salary range listed between $75,967 and $126,970.

Orange County voter turnout was 71 percent in the November 2016 General Election, which was two points higher than the statewide average.