Felony charges were filed against two suspects who were allegedly engaged in narcotics trafficking at the Red Roof Inn on Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard over the weekend.

According to Capt. Joshua Mecimore of the Chapel Hill Police Department, a noise complaint set events in motion at the hotel that resulted in two arrests and a narcotics investigation.

“It was dispatched as a disturbance — loud noises coming from a hotel room,” he explained. “When officers made contact, it looks like they smelled marijuana, established that the folks inside were in possession of marijuana, and then once they were taken into custody, established that there was a lot more than just marijuana.”

Arrest reports show that Virginia M. Newberry and Rashod M. Richmond were in possession of over a kilogram of various drugs along with measuring paraphernalia and a firearm.

“There was marijuana, heroin, oxycodone, possibly ecstasy, some quantity of an unknown drug that we haven’t identified yet, a firearm,” he listed.

Mecimore relayed that numerous charges were filed against Richmond, who is not permitted to carry or own firearms due to his status as a convicted felon.

“The Richmond subject was charged with possession with intent to sell and deliver a number of those drugs — cocaine, marijuana, the schedule two covers the oxycodone, and then heroin, and then it looks like trafficking cocaine,” he reported.

Charges of drug trafficking and felony possession were also filed against Newberry, whose bond was set at $1 million due to warrants that were out for her arrest.

“There were several orders for arrest for failure to appear on previous charges which would already have a bond,” noted Mecimore. “Those added to the charges that we had on Ms. Newberry lead to the $1 million bond.”

In the wake of a fatal shooting and other drug seizures at the hotel, Mecimore explained that the Chapel Hill Police Department is taking steps to curb crime in the area.

“We try to work with business owners and we’re trying to work with Red Roof to figure out some ways that they can work to abate the nuisance that may be caused by some of the folks that frequent their business,” he offered.

Richmond and Newberry are being housed in separate county jails ahead of their forthcoming court appearances, which are expected to take place in Durham County.

Photos from Chapel Hill Police Department.