A string of 26 car break-ins late last month taking place in Chapel Hill’s Southern Village and the parking lot of the Meadowmont swim club has the Chapel Hill Police Department urging citizens to take extra precaution while parking their cars.

Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue stated that the majority of these break-ins happened to cars that were left unlocked.

“Those are the kind of things that can really help slow down or prevent those car break-ins from happening, simply locking the door and taking valuables out of the car,” said Blue.

Blue also stated that if you must keep valuables in your car, put them in a concealed area such as under the seat or in the trunk.

Citizens are urged to report any suspicious behavior to the police department.

“[Your call] might be the call that takes us to the person or persons who did those 26 break-ins, so we’re really urging people to make those 911 calls if they see or hear anything unusual.”