In wake of the coronavirus pandemic, a professor at the UNC College of Arts and Sciences created an easy way to make an emergency face shield.

Ed Samulski is a emeritus Cary Boshamer Professor of Chemistry and a co-founder of the 3D printing company Carbon.

After commiserating with colleagues over the lack of PPE for health care workers, Samulski had an idea to create a face shield that required only three materials to make: a 2-liter soda bottle, a box cutter or scissors and masking tape.

This compression-fit shield may be useful for patients and care-takers or the general public.

To make an emergency face shield, follow the instructions below:

  1. Obtain a two-liter plastic bottle
  2. Mark your cuts with a marker (as seen by the diagram below)
  3. Use a box-cutter or scissors to cut along your marked lines
  4. Tape the edges of your cut-out shape

(Photo courtesy of the UNC College of Arts and Sciences)

Featured photo courtesy of the UNC College of Arts and Sciences.

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