CHAPEL HILL – Monday, the Chapel Hill Town Council will consider a process for evaluating which long-term projects would benefit from development agreements instead of Special Use Permits.

To date, the town has only ever used the development agreement process once, to create long-term guidelines for UNC’s Carolina North Campus.

But town staffers say three major projects in the works now could benefit from the planning tool, which they say allows the council greater leeway in negotiating with developers.

The Glen Lennox redevelopment, Obey Creek and Orange County’s expansion of the Southern Human Services Center are all potential candidates for development agreements. The council will review a process suggested by the town manager to evaluate which of the projects are ready to move forward.

The council will also take public comment on a number of Federal housing grants. Earlier this month Town Manager Roger Stancil told the council much of that funding is up in the air due to sequestration.

The council meets at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at Town Hall.