This weekend, Gerrard Hall will play host to a dance performance choreographed and performed entirely by UNC students, inspired by an historic solo by the legendary Martha Graham.

The show is called “Lamentation Variation Project.” Curated by UNC professor Heather Tatreau, it stems from a visit last spring by the Martha Graham Dance Company. Students are creating variations on Graham’s 1930 solo “Lamentation” – which sought to embody the concept of grief, Tatreau says.

“Lamentation Variation Project” will be the first show of UNC’s 2015/16 Process Series, an annual performing arts program founded by Joseph Megel that showcases innovative works in progress.

Megel and Tatreau stopped by WCHL on Tuesday and spoke with Aaron Keck.


“Lamentation Variation Project” is the first student dance project in the Process Series’ eight-year history. Shows will be on Friday and Saturday, September 25 and 26, at 8 pm in Gerrard Hall. Admission is free.

For the full Process Series schedule, visit this page.