Jack Creasy

Hometown Hero: Liska Lackey

This week’s WCHL Hometown Hero is Liska Lackey, a dedicated advocate for health and wellness in our community. Liska has been and continues to be the chairwoman of different health boards and organizations, creating programs to bring safe, wholesome practices to Orange County. Since 2013, Liska has been the board chair of Healthy Carolinians of Orange County, a coalition of agencies and community members working to encourage healthy lifestyles and promoting wellness within the county. During her tenure, Liska has seen the HCOC conduct the Community Health Assessment in 2015 as well as the State of the County Health...

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Humans of Chapelboro Presents: Alex Nickodem, Founder of Simplified Personal Driving

For many of us, driving can be somewhat of a hassle. All the traffic and the endless search for a parking spot has caused a whole lot of headaches, but not for Alex Nickodem. For him, it’s a way to make a living. About five months ago, Nickodem took his dream of chauffeuring professionally and created a unique business model for his company: Simplified Personal Driving. “There’s a huge difference between me and Uber, or Lyft,” said Nickodem. “I think ride share services totally have their time and their place, but parents aren’t going to call an Uber to...

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