This week’s WCHL Hometown Hero is Liska Lackey, a dedicated advocate for health and wellness in our community. Liska has been and continues to be the chairwoman of different health boards and organizations, creating programs to bring safe, wholesome practices to Orange County.

Since 2013, Liska has been the board chair of Healthy Carolinians of Orange County, a coalition of agencies and community members working to encourage healthy lifestyles and promoting wellness within the county. During her tenure, Liska has seen the HCOC conduct the Community Health Assessment in 2015 as well as the State of the County Health Report in 2016. She has also created a drop box campaign, led two health literary sessions and hosted a prescription drug video screening aiming to bring light of prescription drug abuse to youth in the area.

Liska Lackey is currently the chair of the Board of Health for the Orange County Health Department. Liska, with the board, was able to promote a safe syringe program, the distribution of naloxone to treat narcotic overdoses, and the designation of smoke free public places. Through the board, she was able to create the Family Success Alliance, which works to close the opportunity gap for Orange County families having trouble making ends meet.

Other than her incredible work as a strong supporter of healthy practices in Orange County, Liska also works in UNC’s worksite wellness program. Now, adding to her list of devoted service to the community, Liska is working to implement a suicide prevention campaign, a Try Transit Week, and an Eat Smart, Move More Consistent Messaging campaign.