So this is it – it’s what you’ve been working for all season.  There is just one more rival Fanager standing between you and the sweet Fantasy postseason…or not (let’s face it, someone has to lose too).  For most of us, this weekend presents the most important matchup so far this season.  Whether you are in contention, have clenched a spot, or are mathematically eliminated, the outcome of your matchup in Week 13 will influence your Fantasy Football fate as well as others’.  Your strategy for this weekend should be determined by where you stand in your league.

The fortunate Fanagers safely playoff-bound should spend this week preparing for the weeks to come.  Look at who your players are going up against in their NFL games and how the opposing teams may influence your players’ production.  If you have extra bench spots, fill them with handcuffs (back-up players) or players that you like to emerge in a bigger role as their starters rest for the playoffs.  If all of your Wide Receivers are facing talented secondaries in an upcoming week, pick up another Receiver with a favorable match up that may not regularly see a large amount of targets.  I like to pick up 3rd or 4th stringers on teams with elite Quarterbacks approaching the postseason because they typically make the playoffs and rest their starters once they have clenched a spot.  Guys like the Saints’ Lance Moore or Robert Meachem, the Packers’ James Jones or Donald Driver, or the Patriots’ Deion Branch might just be the secret ingredient to bring you victory in your Fanasy Championship.

For those Fanagers needing a W this weekend to lock down a spot in the postseason, it’s do or die.  You need to be especially careful about who you play this weekend.  You have to find a happy medium between your go-to guys and playing the matchups.  Don’t overthink your matchups and let paranoia eliminate you from the postseason.  If your opponent needs to pull off not only a win, but also a win by a significant number of points in order to advance to the playoffs, they might start some real long shots hoping for the perfect storm. You should not be sucked into this.  Resist the temptation and go with your gut despite whatever projections your Fantasy website may have for your player. 

Conversely, if you are the person who needs a Hail Mary in order to compete for the Championship, you should see which position gives you the greatest chance for the greatest number of points according to previous performances and your league scoring settings.  From there, fill as many open slots on your roster as possible with players of that position.  Inconsistent Wide Receivers typically have the potential to generate more Fantasy points than inconsistent Running Backs. If you are deciding between a mediocre Back and Receiver to fill an open Offensive Player or Flex spot in your lineup, the upside is with the Receiver.

And, finally, for the Fanagers who will not be joining us for the postseason, don’t give up.  First of all, it is unfair to others in your league that may be affected by your inconsideration, causing them to miss the playoffs because you handed over this weekend’s matchup.  Moreover, Fantasy Football is all about fun, and you don’t need to make the playoffs to have it.  Just look at the Seattle Seahawks – they aren’t likely to be catching up to San Francisco this year, so the playoffs are a long shot, but man if they aren’t having a great time spoiling it for other teams.  The Seahawks were smiling the whole time they were handing the Eagles their keisters last night.  So, even if this is your last week, be the Seahawks of your Fantasy league and do it with style – don’t go down without taking someone else with you (and eat Skittles).