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Alicia Stemper: Hometown Heroes

Alicia Stemper: Hometown Heroes

Alicia Stemper is Friday’s Hometown Hero.

Lydia Lavelle and Alicia Stemper

Lydia Lavelle and Alicia Stemper

Alicia is a photographer.  She’s working on a project called Vitamin O.

Vitamin O tells stories about the people of Orange County.  It combines images and words into something greater than either vehicle could carry alone.

From their website:

“Orange County is a remarkable place. It’s got everything: rolling hills and cow-dotted pastures, a cutting-edge arts and music scene, and some of the best food and nicest people you’re going to get anywhere in the country. Residents of Orange County are from all walks of life:  farmers, progressives, poets and merchants. Above all we are inclusive; everyone is welcome here. Our past has been storied, our present is joyful and our future is bright.”

Learn more about Vitamin O and see examples of its work.


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