There are still unanswered questions about the academic scandal at UNC, and former basketball star Rashad McCants’ comments on ESPN’s Outside The Lines Friday may have clouded the water even more.

Attorney Kenneth Wainstein is conducting a thorough investigation into the academic scandal at UNC. Many believe that will clear some, most, if not all of the waters regarding the topic. But, that investigation is not supposed to conclude until the end of the summer at the earliest.

WCHL caught up with a number of people in and around the UNC community to get their take on the comments made by McCants and what effect those comments will have going forward.

UNC School of Journalism Professor Charlie Tuggle and BobLee of

Art Chansky of and Host of Art Chansky’s Sports Notebook on WCHL

Triangle Sports Writer Barry Jacobs

UNC Black Caucus Chair and Lecturer at UNC Debby Stroman

UNC Academic Advisor Bradley Bethel