UNC sent its first monitoring report to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools March 11.

SACS informed the university last June that they would be maintaining their accreditation, but UNC would be placed under a one year probation as a result of the academic scandal in former African American Studies Department.

Part of the report states:

“What is doubly clear and very well documented is that the irregularities had stopped in 2011, and since that time the University has invested substantially and worked tirelessly to implement expansive reforms and proactive initiatives, hold itself the highest standards of integrity in every dimension of our operations, and ensure full confidence in Carolina’s bright future.”

The Commission on Colleges, which is overseeing the process, asked for more information from the university in July, 2015. This report is the university’s response to that request.

“My colleagues and I have worked diligently to produce a report that comprehensively answers the Commission’s specific information requests and demonstrates the University’s compliance with the Commission’s Principles of Accreditation,” said chancellor Carol Folt.

The report outlines the steps the university has taken to prevent another academic scandal and the effectiveness of the programs named.

SACS will make the final decision on UNC’s accreditation in June.

According to SACS policy, an institution must have their accreditation removed if they are on probation for two consecutive years and the institution bears the burden of proofs as to why it should not have its status removed.

If UNC were to lose accreditation, it would impact the university through the loss of federal funds, including financial aid awarded to students and grant funding awarded to faculty for research.

For the complete report, click here.