Additional Reporting by Rachel Nash

CHAPEL HILL –  UNC’s task force to review sexual assault policies and previous cases meets for the first time Wednesday to hear from a consultant about what she has observed in the past few months.

Gina Smith Smith is a former prosecutor whom Chancellor Holden Thorp recruited in January. She is helping the University sort through the sexual misconduct investigations and is working with more than a dozen universities, helping to open up dialogues about sexual assault.

The on-going federal investigation around UNC’s handling of sexual assault cases is far from over. The new task force has been charged to review and enhance the university’s policies and procedures on the issue. It’s a diverse, 21-member compilation of students and leaders with in the Carolina community.

Christi Hurt, UNC’s new Interim Title IX Coordinator, will serve as the chair of the task force. She’s currently on leave as director of the Carolina Women’s Center.

Ann Penn, UNC’s Equal Opportunity/ ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Officer, appointed the task force. Members were selected based on their experience and/or research related to the complex issue.

The group will continue to meet throughout the summer to form the University’s new sexual assault policy.