CHAPEL HILL – UNC Student Body President, Christy Lambden, says a task force set out to define the University’s new sexual assault policy has decided the most efficient way to rewrite it is not line-by-line, but by looking at it with a broader lens.

“We’ve broken it down so that, in one half of the day, we discuss definitions, and in the second half, we discuss process and how the process at UNC and the ways that we can streamline the process and make it easier,” Lambden says.

Lambden says the task force is making good progress.

After two full-day meetings, he says there is a lot of discussion between members of the task force and there is a wide variety of opinion.

When the group first met, some members were concerned that it would take some time for everyone to be comfortable talking in mixed company about the sensitive and often polarizing subject of sexual assault. However, Lambden says that members of the group have reached a point where they’re comfortable expressing themselves.

“There’s been a certain bonding among the task force and now everyone is completely confident and completely at ease with being able to voice their opinions on all matters related to the policy,” Lambden says.

The task force has no set timeline but members say they plan to have the new policy written by the fall semester.