UNC learning specialist and author of Coaching the Mind, Bradley Bethel says the University has to be careful with finger-pointing and laying blame on individuals for legal reasons. He says it’s hard for the University to be completely forthcoming with all the wrongdoings it’s witnessed.

“UNC is limited in what they can say about individuals, because we have federal and state protected rights as employees and former employees,” Bethel stated. “An employer can’t just start coming out and saying, ‘Well, this person wasn’t very good at his job.’”

Bethel joined Ran Northam on the WCHL Morning News with Ron Stutts to continue the conversation about the academic scandal at UNC.

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(From the intervew: paper classes were those deemed as classes that were originally on the books as lecture classes but were changed to by Julius Nyang’oro so that the students only had to submit a paper at the end of the class)

There has been public backlash regarding allegations that UNC coaches and faculty are permitting athletes to succeed academically through various questionable and controversial means, including “temporary grade changes,” or even permanent changes to their grades.

Bethel countered that most of these allegations are overblown or simply incorrect. He says he believes that these statistics that have been presented do not add up and therefore do not represent as great of a problem as some critics would want to have you believe.

“If this was the biggest scandal in NCAA history, then NCAA’s history is a lot cleaner than I thought it was,” Bethel responded.

He also went on to say that there is also blame to be found with faculty from other universities who seem quick to judge UNC when they have also been accused of questionable practices.

Bethel discussed that despite the positive email feedback he has received, there is still a large majority of individuals that use social media platforms like Twitter to decry these alleged shortcomings of UNC.

Bethel concluded, “I think that Wainstein’s report is going to be definitive, it’s going to be final. It’s going to close the book on this; at least I really hope it will.”

Former Assistant Attorney General for National Security and Homeland Security Advisor to President George W. Bush, Kenneth Wainstein is currently investigating UNC. He has been instructed to go where the evidence leads him and uncover anything there is to uncover.

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