The author of the widely-read blog that challenges the claims of illiteracy among student-athletes by outgoing UNC academic advisor Mary Willingham says he’s prepared to make statements on WCHL Thursday morning that he hasn’t publicly made before.

UNC learning specialist Bradley Bethel is the author of Coaching the Mind: Putting the Student in Student-Athletes. He’s written more than 20 essays about both the academic scandal and his correspondences with people in disagreement with his positions.

Bethel has written about personal attacks he says he’s received from UNC History professor Jay Smith –who you’ve heard speak about the UNC academic scandal on WCHL and who is writing a book on the topic with Mary Willingham.

Bethel says he’s had about 118,000 hits on his blog since its mid-2012 launch.

Tune in Thursday at 7:00 a.m. to hear Bethel live in studio to discuss his latest viewpoints and where he thinks the future of the UNC academic scandal is headed.