The North Carolina Department of Transportation has plans for a great number of projects in Orange County this summer. WCHL wants you to know what road work you can expect to encounter in the coming months.

Assistant Resident Engineer for the NCDOT, Trevor Spencer, explains what projects have begun already and which ones are set to start later this year, beginning with the interstate resurfacing plans.

“One of the projects that we have going on right now is an interstate resurfacing project on I-85, which actually begins at the I-40/I-85 split, and goes all the way to the Durham County line,” says Spencer. “Another project we have is NC-86 resurfacing. It’s a paving contract from Whitfield Road to Business 70 in Hillsborough.”

Spencer says there are also a couple of urban widening projects and a roundabout project that will be taking place over the course of the summer.

“Another project is Smith Level Road urban widening in Carrboro, which runs from Rock Haven Road at Carrboro High School down to the NC-54 interchange. Finally, there is a roundabout project at the intersection of Irwin Road and Mount Moriah Road in Orange County near the Durham County line.”

While there will be road closings and other such roadblocks that must be implemented in order to complete the works, Spencer described the large amount of precautions that the NCDOT have and will provide for Orange County citizens in order to circumvent the road constructions, including advertising signs, detours, police assistance, and more.

Despite the amount of road projects this summer, most look to be completed before the fall, according to Spencer.

“I-85 resurfacing is expected to be complete in mid-September,” says Spencer, “NC-86 resurfacing from Whitfield Road to Business Road in Hillsborough by mid-September, Smith Level Road in Carrboro by fall of 2015, and the roundabout project at Irwin Road and Mount Moriah Road by late August of this year.”

OWASA also plans to commence work this Monday, July 14th, that will close two of the lanes heading north through South Columbia Street from Monday until Friday. There are no plans to interrupt water, sewer, or other services, as they work to determine why a valve in a water line is not functioning. It is set to be completed in mid-August.