Police are searching for several males who were reportedly hunting squirrels from their cars in Carrboro town limits.

Captain Chris Atack said the Carrboro Police Department received two reports on Monday afternoon of shots being fired from a green Honda sedan driving in the N. Greensboro St. area.

One subject was driving and another was sitting in the backseat, believed to be armed with a rifle. Atack said police did not know if the rifle was a firearm or an air rifle.

“Obviously, anytime you have someone driving around taking pot shots at squirrels, that is a concern for us,” Atack said.

In January, a similar incident was reported in the Westbrook Dr. area, with shots being fired from a silver Acura RSX. A person was questioned in regard to that report.

“Our immediate concern is that someone could be seriously injured, or worse, in this situation. We also have some violations of the law that concern us.”

Hunting and the discharging of firearms or air guns are not permitted within Carrboro town limits. In addition, several North Carolina hunting laws were violated in this incident.

Atack said it is important for residents to call 911 if they see similar activity happening. He added that  projectiles, whether bullets or pellets, fired in community areas, are an obvious threat to public safety.

If you have any information about this case, please call Crime Stoppers at (919) 942-7515.