Orange County residents now have a chance to give feedback to the agencies that responded to the water crisis in the southern portion of the county earlier this year.

The approximately 80,000 customers served by Orange Water and Sewer Authority were without water for more than 24 hours in February.

The crisis began with an operator’s key-stroke error at the water treatment plant in Carrboro led to an over-fluoridation of the water supply. An order was sent out asking customers to limit water consumption, but the situation intensified when there was a subsequent break in a water main. That led to a Do Not Use order being issued across the service area.

There was some initial confusion after the order came out on February 3 as restaurants and hotels were being systematically told they had to close due to the emergency.

County officials are now seeking feedback from residents, businesses and any visitors who were in the area during the water crisis.

A survey is now online that can be taken anonymously. The data will be used to assist the county, municipalities, UNC, OWASA and other partners “in improving resiliency and response to emergencies,” according to a release.

The survey has been issued after recommendations were put forward by an After Action Review committee. The report also called for an outside consultant to be hired in reviewing the review process.

The ongoing report will not look at factors that led to the incident but will instead focus on the response from emergency officials across the county.

The survey is available through June 30.