The UNC campus went into lockdown briefly on Sunday afternoon after a man reportedly pulled a knife on a student at the union building, then fled to Franklin Street.

Alert Carolina issued an emergency warning shortly after 4:00 p.m., when the incident first took place. Buildings on campus were locked down—including Carmichael Arena, where the UNC women’s basketball team was playing its first-round NCAA tournament game.

“We received a call from UNC campus police requesting aid and assistance in locating the subject,” says Chapel Hill Police Sgt. Gabe Shinn. “We received a report that the subject was located on the 300 block of East Franklin Street; officers responded, located the subject, took him into custody, and have released him over to campus police.”

Sgt. Shinn says the building in question was the Chapel of the Cross church, near Morehead Planetarium. He says it took the Chapel Hill PD about 15 minutes to locate the suspect after receiving the call.

The suspect was described as an average-build white male, but no other information is available on his identity at this time.

Alert Carolina issued the all-clear at 5:18 p.m. Sunday afternoon. There were no injuries.