A local man in Chapel Hill is facing multiple felony charges after allegedly breaking into the home of his former spouse and committing a series of violent crimes.

According to Capt. Joshua Mecimore of the Chapel Hill Police Department, the incident occurred last Friday when Zaw Zaw broke a restraining order filed against him.

“Mr. Zaw came to his ex-wife’s residence,” he reported. “He came inside — it looks like he broke inside — and assaulted her and then also, it looks like, kept her from calling 911, stole some things inside, took some jewelry.”

Police reports state that Zaw may have committed assault with intent to kill or inflict serious injury against his former spouse, who incurred injuries that Mecimore described.

“It looks like he struck her in the head with his fists repeatedly,” relayed Mecimore. “And it looks like he also threatened to stab her.”

Mecimore also alleged that Zaw threatened to cut his victim with a sword after beating her and absconding with approximately $1,500 in stolen property.

“It does look like there was a weapon at the house and that he threatened to use that sword,” he affirmed.

The victim involved in the incident may have struggled to contact law enforcement officers, as Mecimore explained that her phone was smashed before Zaw was arrested.

“It looks like he took the phone from her when she’d called 911 and smashed it, and it looks like officers found him in the Pritchard Avenue area,” he noted. “He was arrested based on the assault and the break-in.”

Public records indicate that Zaw had his driving license revoked in 2014 after being found guilty of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated in Orange County.

His other charges include assault on a female in Orange County last year and breaking a domestic violence protective order in Alamance County earlier this year.

Zaw was transported after his most recent arrest to the Orange County Magistrate and placed without bond in the Orange County Jail before his first court appearance.

Image from Chapel Hill Police Department.