DPAC's Jekyll & Hyde

The entrance into the Durham Performing Arts Center is a spectacle in itself. Ticket-takers in top hats, the tuxedos, the red carpet, the relentless smiling and help from all members of the staff — it’s hard not to feel like you’re already in the show just as you enter the lobby. There’s a reason why this place is so renowned. The vibe in the lobby screams high class but it still can’t escape the southern warmth and charm that permeates Durham. Resulting is an atmosphere that’s hard to find outside of Manhattan — elegant, refined but still comforting. With that said, any semblance of a delicate atmosphere is shattered with a vengeance the moment Jekyll & Hyde opens its curtain. Teal Wicks recently told WCHL, “It’s like a rock show.” And she wasn’t kidding. The opening is something out of a Black Sabbath concert, with an electric guitar riff that’s as heavy as it is dark. On top of the Ozzy Osbourne-inspired metal, Jekyll’s “journal” of his experiments is scrawled out on the stage throughout the show as shadows and whispers invoke a Jack-the-Ripper-like setting. Dr. Jekyll’s educated and quaint voice-over of his thoughts foreshadows the conflict before the audience: the quiet, dark mystery of the night protecting the anything but quiet evil within. While Stevenson’s novel from which the musical is based has been called predictable, the performances of the...

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Art's Angle: A So-So Season Going Nowhere

  Looks like it’s another Year of Living Dangerously. In other words, expending our energy rooting against Duke. We’ve had these seasons before (i.e., 2010), although rarely. When our own basketball team is so young or weak (literally) or mediocre that it is not a safe use of our emotions to pull FOR the Tar Heels as it is to root AGAINST Duke. After losing their second straight ACC game to open 0-2, the Tar Heels obviously are not going very far in the unlucky ides of March ’13. So why not channel our frustration and anger where it can be better utilized: trying to keep the Blue Devils from winning another national championship. Look at Thursday night’s home loss to Miami on paper, and I don’t mean the stats. The Hurricanes’ roster of 13 players has 10 seniors and juniors. And one of the seniors has been trolling South Beach for five years, another is on the six-year plan! So, as a shell-shocked Roy Williams said after the 68-59 defeat, a lively near-capacity crowd in Carolina blue at the Smith Center wasn’t going to make any waves with the well-seasoned ‘Canes. And their biggest and maybe best player, center Reggie Johnson, didn’t even suit up! Meanwhile, if there was no such thing as the NBA, John Henson would be a senior, Harrison Barnes and Kendall Marshall juniors. James...

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Teal Wicks Talks DPAC's Jekyll & Hyde

Teal Wicks — playing Emma Carew in the Durham Performing Art Center’s Broadway-bound Jekyll & Hyde — took a moment to speak with Ron Stutts of 97.9FM WCHL. Jekyll & Hyde runs from January 8th through the 13th at DPAC, tickets/info can be found here. So How did you get into entertainment? Why’d you decide to do it? Well, from an early age I really loved theater. I grew up in Sacramento, California and my parents were big supporters of theater and really any live performance. Eventually they started taking me to ballet and I just fell in love with the stage — I wanted to be a performer. I dabbled in it while growing up: dance class, local theater productions, high school plays — just started singing a lot really. My parents noticed I could carry a tune so they were like, “Hey, OK, let’s let her do this.” When did you ever consider doing it professionally? I went to college at UC Irvine and studied drama there. Through my time there I figured out what it was all about. We had a great program, and even when to New York for a few weeks to take Masters classes — and I totally fell in love with New York. Normally, we hear the same story from theater folks, that they were always performing in front of their family and...

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