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Dr. Rebecca Macy with the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work is passionate about ending family violence and human trafficking. She works with organizations to bring economic empowerment and other much-needed services to victims and their families, allowing them to create independent lives for themselves.

“We all realized that we haven’t had a domestic violence shelter in Orange County for over twenty years, and we’ve really struggled as a community because of that. One out of four women experience domestic violence and it looks like our numbers in North Carolina are even higher than that and it has a lot of devastating consequences for women and their families. We don’t have one of the typical services, a shelter here in Orange County.”

Dr. Macy works with Restore New York City, a non-profit organizations dedicated to ending sex trafficking in New York City and restoring the independence of foreign nationals.

“Over time, through collaborations and lots of meetings, I’ve become a main evaluator for some of the Restore programs, specifically their transitional housing program and their economic empowerment program. And I think what we learn there can help us here in North Carolina, people who are trafficked across the United States here to North Carolina, then also people who come from outside North Carolina. So if we can figure out what works in Restore, that’s something I can bring back here to Chapel Hill.”

Featured image via UNC-Chapel Hill