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May 29, 2018: Goodbyeee

Meg's moving on to a new position (don't worry, still in Chapel Hill!), so this is her final Downtown Rundown. (We still have fun.)

October 23, 2021

Our neighbor, David Zucchino, Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times contributing writer covering Afghanistan, talks about Afghanistan after the U.S. pull out.


Stroman on Sports: The NBA is Back!!

The NBA season is tipping off this week! Dr. Debbie Stroman joins 97.9 The Hill's Brighton McConnell to talk about the latest drama and storylines in the Association's 75th season.

KIDSQ: Tricks and Treats

This week's KIDSQ has 97.9 The Hill's Brighton McConnell, Jack Carmichael and Aaron Johnson discussing their favorite Halloween candy: what is the best treat and worst treat to get while trick-or-treating. Plus: several local children share their own answers!

September 11, 2019: Firearm Safety

Ashley and Aaron talk firearm safety after an Orange County Commissioners meeting - but not before forging common ground on two big issues.

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