WCHL Community Forum

October 2018 Community Forum: What to Watch in the Mid-Term Elections

Professor at Catawba College Michael Bitzer, Public Policy Polling director Tom Jensen and Meredith College professor David McLennan all spoke with WCHL about what they will be watching when results start coming in from the mid-term election.

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September 2018 Community Forum: North Carolina Constitutional Amendments

Mitch Kokai from the John Locke Foundation and Rob Schofield from North Carolina Policy Watch joined the WCHL Community Forum to discuss the impact of the proposed amendments.

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July 2018 Community Forum: Local Impact of Federal Immigration Enforcement

Sijal Nasralla representing the group SumOfUs, advocacy organization El Centro Hispano representative Eliazar Posada and Carrboro Board of Aldermen member Damon Seils discussed the current mindset of the local immigrant community and what local government and residents can do to be more involved on the WCHL Community Forum.

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June 2018 Community Forum: Budgets Beyond the Numbers

Carrboro Board of Aldermen member Bethany Chaney, Orange County Commissioner Barry Jacobs and Chapel Hill Town Council member Michael Parker broke down the budgets from each of their government bodies and how they will impact residents on the WCHL Community Forum.

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