WCHL Community Forum

February 2018 Community Forum: Tackling Climate Change at the Local Level

Climate change has been a political topic for years, but what has been or can be done at the local level to make an impact? Members of governing bodies in Orange County are working on a joint committee now to work on that answer.

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January 2019 Community Forum: Goodbyes to Silent Sam and Carol Folt

Two prominent figures on the UNC – Chapel Hill campus that were in place on January 1, 2019, would not be when February rolled around. This month’s Community Forum walks through the time from that initial decision on January 14 through the events that followed.

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November 2018 Community Forum: Transition for the UNC System

WCHL news director Blake Hodge and Aaron Keck, host of WCHL’s The Aaron Keck Show, discuss the changing landscape of higher education in North Carolina with the resignation of UNC System president Margaret Spellings.

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October 2018 Community Forum: What to Watch in the Mid-Term Elections

Professor at Catawba College Michael Bitzer, Public Policy Polling director Tom Jensen and Meredith College professor David McLennan all spoke with WCHL about what they will be watching when results start coming in from the mid-term election.

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