The tradition of “spring cleaning” doesn’t end at the home. A small business also needs care and attention, and there’s no better time than the present. Keeping your business literally and figuratively tidy as the seasons change will free up physical and mental space, reduce warm weather-related issues and give you an opportunity to use some creativity in your business. Let’s look at some areas that could probably use some sprucing up:

1)    Maintenance – Before temperatures really start to spike, have your HVAC inspected and any refrigeration equipment maintained. Worn belts, plugged filters or low refrigerant always appear as a problem on the hottest days. Taking care of your equipment will reduce strain on you and the people who will service and repair your problems, and keep business going that would otherwise be driven away. Check your vehicles, too! Are your tires ready for rain and the stress of daily driving? Are fluids full and fresh? Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong… so it’s best to be on top of it. If you’re in the maintenance business – start marketing now!

2)    Pruning – Pruning doesn’t stop at your landscaping. Get rid of dead inventory, and either drop of donate things that have languished on shelves for too long. Clear out old assets that have been collecting dust, and take stock of things that have been replaced or become redundant. If you are keeping records past required retention periods, shred them or hire a service to securely dispose of them. This will clear up space for new records and files. Just as dead branches and leaves will stifle new plant growth, clutter and items that aren’t adding value to your business will stifle your development – and the development of your business. Clear your storage, and your mind.

3)    Cleaning & Decorating – Do you have a regular schedule for cleaning? Wiping windows, clearing awnings, scrubbing floors and carpets, and maintaining landscaping? When was the last time you subjected your entire business to a full-scale deep clean, or even a coat of fresh paint? If you have windows and displays, make sure they’re relevant for the season, and remove any outdated marketing materials. This doesn’t stop at your physical location, either – updating your digital presence is just as essential. Give your website an honest look, test it thoroughly to make sure there aren’t any dead links or display problems.

Think Through – As winter ends and warmer weather approaches, take full advantage of this opportunity to declutter and focus on the opportunities for growth that are ahead. Build a checklist that’s as extensive as it needs to be, and focus on what you need to do for your annual Spring Cleaning. Mark your calendar, and build on this annually. Doing so will help you simplify and stay cool now, and in the future. Removing unnecessary clutter makes room for what’s new and next, and you’ll be amazed at the difference a slight refresh in your small business can make.

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About the Author:

Gregory Woloszczuk is an Entrepreneur and experienced tech executive that helps small business owners grow their top and bottom line. Gregory believes in straight talk and helping others see things they need to see but may not want to with a focus on taking responsibly for one’s own business. He and his wife, Maureen, started GMW Carolina in 2006.
Gregory has been fortunate to have been part of building teams for companies that went through hyper-growth as well as his own company. He also has experience in working through economic downturns and taking responsibility to fix what is in his control. The focus has always been working with partners, customers, and building a successful business channel. His range of experience includes marketing, sales, support, training, and operations.
Gregory holds an MBA from Nichols College.