Austin Helms, a former Kenan-Flagler student, graduated from UNC in 2016. During his time at Carolina he recorded his experiences in what would eventually become his book, “Orientation to Graduation.”

The book is a first-hand real-time account of Helms’ college experience, and offers his insight into “making the most” of everything that a traditional college experience has to offer to a student willing to put themselves out there and work to make their time in college something special. Featuring chapters with guidelines for maintaining mental health, setting goals, studying abroad, exams, parties, internships and jobs after college (among other topics) the book has sold hundreds of copies so far.

Dedicated to his aunt, “Orientation to Graduation” is mostly about how it’s difficult to truly “fail” in college, barring the truest application of the word in terms of grades in classes. The book treats college as what it is: a life experience, full of unfamiliar territory, interesting experiences and formative relationships.

Helms was recently featured in a Q&A article published by the Daily Tar Heel, and was interviewed by Ron Stutts – the voice of the morning on WCHL – about his book and the process of writing it. Austin Helms will be at the UNC Student Stores today, June 14, from 11:30 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. signing books, for those interested in picking up a copy of one Carolina student’s story.