Dingo Dog Brewery is a non-profit, nano-brewery in Carrboro that was founded out of a desire to help with animals in need.

Tim Schwarzauer and Billy Gagon are the two men behind Dingo Dog Brewery but they give full credit to Dingo, a 16-year old St. Bernard Mix who is credited as a the “founder” of the brewery on their official website. Schwarzauer grew up in Mississippi and helped with relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina’s impact on the Gulf Coast in 2005. His family founded the Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi, a non-profit, no-kill sanctuary in Mississippi.

At Dingo Dog Brewery, Schwarzauer and Gagon take the same approach. All profits from their sales go towards funding grants to no-kill animal rescue organizations in North Carolina. The brewery, which operates on PlowGirl Farm, is also a “zero waste” production facility.

As a recipient of the Small Business Grant Program, Dingo Dog Brewery has been able to improve and replace equipment at their facility. All under the close supervision of Dingo, of course.

Featured image via Dingo Dog Brewery

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