One of the traditions surrounding the ringing in of a new year that took on extra significance as 2020 introduced us to a brand-new decade was the New Year’s Resolution. Unfortunately, according to a report from the New York Post, most of the resolutions end up falling flat in the second full week of January.

A focus for many New Year’s resolutions is health — getting in better shape, losing weight, cutting down on sugar, and so on. Making the decision to consciously attempt to take better care of our bodies can be difficult — and anyone making a resolution along these lines should be aware that significant lifestyle change doesn’t happen all at once.

In the interest of trying new things and pursing better health, last year, 97.9 The Hill’s Ali Evans completed a juice cleanse with Clean Juice in Chapel Hill. Listen below as she and Beth Ellis — the owner of Clean Juice in Chapel Hill — joined Aaron Johnson live on the air to talk about the cleanse and Ali’s experience keeping up with her resolution.

Listen to Aaron Johnson’s interview with Ali and Beth about Cleansing, Clean Juice and Lifestyle Change: