Norma Centeno, teacher assistant at Ephesus Elementary School is this week’s Hometown Hero!

Centeno is described by her colleague Kirsten Venema as someone who wears many hats at the school.

“She started a Spanish reading and writing club at Ephesus,” Venema said. “She’s a fantastic artist—she’s the go-to person at Ephesus if we ever need any drawings or life-like images for science or social studies or anything else.”

Centeno also works with the Blue Ribbon Mentor program at the school, designed to improve the achievement of students of color.

Venema teaches English as a Second Language at Ephesus and said Centeno’s teaching abilities are a gift to the classroom.

“Her artistry definitely helps when I need to get an idea across to a student or if she’s working in a small group with students and also three of her students also speak two languages and she was able to help them, and now as a teacher she’s able to help many of our students.”

Centeno has previously worked with pre-school and kindergarten students and has worked at Orange County Schools. This year, she’s working with first graders.

Venema said the students love her as much as the other teachers do.

“She’s the best kindergarten teacher personality you would ever want for your child. Like a mom to all of our kids here. And if she’s ever not here, they’re asking, ‘Where’s Ms. Norma?’”

Congratulations to Norma Centeno on being this week’s WCHL Hometown Hero!