This week’s Hometown Hero, presented by Hendrick Southpoint, is Emily Ivey — a sophomore at Orange High School who is being honored for her quick thinking in an emergency situation.

On February 16, Emily was out for a walk with her family’s dog when she saw smoke coming from her neighbor’s car. She ushered her neighbors out of their car, right before the car was engulfed in flames.

Emily’s father, London, said if Emily hadn’t stopped to chat with her neighbors, there’s a good chance it could have been a lot worse.

“The weird thing was is if they hadn’t have stopped to talk to her, he would have backed the truck into a carport right next to a pig cooker that had a full tank of propane,” he said. “So not only would the truck have caught fire, the tank probably would have caught fire and that would have blown us as well.”

Emily’s quick thinking on that fateful day certainly prevented a much worse situation.

London submitted the Hometown Hero nomination for his daughter and you can tell that he is a very proud father.

“She’s very outgoing,” London explained. “She takes up for people that need help. She doesn’t like people being picked on. She’s just normally a very helpful person.”

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