Part One

Part one of our series includes a spooky poem read by Aaron Keck and introductions to the collection by Ron Stutts and Jada Jarillo.

1. Eryk Pruitt – The Ghost of King Street 

Set in Hillsborough, NC, this story is about the Ghost of Seven Hearths. (Starts at 3:36)

2. Scottie Washington – The Last Civil War Casualty 

Also set in Hillsborough, this story details an interesting encounter at the Orange County Historical Museum. (Starts at 7:35)

Part Two

3. Elizabeth Malcolm – Ghosts in the Carolina Inn

This story describes the ghosts haunting this historic Chapel Hill icon as written by Kala Ambrose in Ghosthunting North Carolina. (Starts at 00:13)

4. Victor Lewis – The Devil’s Tramping Ground

In this story you’ll hear about a mysterious patch of earth in Bear Creek, NC. (Starts at 2:38)

Part Three

5. Barney Caton – The Man in the Green Coat

The host of Haunted Hillsborough tours tells a ghost story from Western North Carolina with an excerpt from the book “Tar Heel Ghosts,” by John Harden.  (Starts at 00:17)

6. Aaron Johnson – The Ghost of East Hall

In Boone, NC, students of Appalachian State University have reported a haunted dorm, as described by (Starts at 2:19)

Part Four

7. Anna Griffin – Ghost in the Varsity Theatre

Back in Chapel Hill, one of 97.9 The Hill and’s staff members describes her own story from the Varsity Theatre on Franklin Street. (Starts at 00:11)

8. Kenny  – We Salted Nannie 

This story is an edited version of “We Salted Nannie” by Tom Maxwell, as published in The Bitter Southerner, about his time renting a haunted home in Hillsborough, NC. (Starts at 3:44)

Part Five

9. Victor Lewis – Lydia

Here a classic ghost story takes a disturbingly local twist with a tale about a haunted highway near Greensboro, NC. (Starts at 00:11)

10. Aaron Keck and Brad Bednar – The Cask of TOPO Spiced Rum

And speaking of local twists, enjoy this special presentation of “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allen Poe. (Starts at 4:17)

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