East Chapel Hill High School Student Carl Sjoelin knows first-hand how impactful an upgrade to our environment can be.

A Lotta Love is an organization founded by Lotta Sjoelin after she discovered the need for more uplifting surroundings for people in shelters, teaching and learning environments, or therapy rooms. Through donations alone, the team at A Lotta Love, plus a whole ‘lotta’ generous volunteers, are able to re-imagine these spaces and create more of a healing, comforting environment.

“There’s ample research showing how your physical space affects your emotional health,” Sjoelin shared when interviewed for Woman Crush Wednesday. “And what I saw at the shelters here was just devastating to me.”

Keeping it in the family, the PTSA contacted Carl Sjoelin to help give the Teacher’s Lounge at ECHHS a total mental health makeover — and Carl did just that.

Through donations, help from his best friends, and a ton of hard work and imagination, Carl took the teacher’s lounge, a place where no one wanted to spend much time, and transformed it into “The Mental Peace Zone,” a place that lives up to it’s name and provides a place for teachers to rejuvenate their minds during the day. Not only that, but Carl & team greeted the teachers last Monday with coffee and cake to celebrate!

It truly was a labor of local love — the PTSA President and Treasurer even stepped in with some extra hands to help paint, using paint and products donated by Lowe’s Hardware.

Congratulations to Carl Sjoelin on a job-well-done, and cheers to the staff at ECHHS on this well-deserved space to enjoy while they recharge, relax, and spend time as a team together!

To learn more about A Lotta Love, including how you can get involved, visit their website alottalove.org. You can also follow along with their Facebook and Instgram pages to see all the places in our community they are showing a ‘lotta’ love!