Nobody likes to pay taxes.

Coming up with that money at certain times in the year can be painful, especially now.

I wonder though why we haven’t figured out that taxes are necessary.  As individuals, don’t we have to pay for the things we buy?

If I have a heart attack, I’m really glad that trained medical people will rush me to the hospital and there other trained people will take care of me.


They drive their own road that I helped to build and pave.

So, if you don’t like paying taxes, be sure never to call 911.  Or drive anywhere.

Don’t take your garbage to the curb.  If somebody breaks into your house, don’t call the police.  Don’t attend a state university.

Don’t flush.

Don’t let medicare pay your medical bills if you’re over 65 or disabled.

Don’t use the local water.  Stay away from the public library and the museum.  And don’t ride the bus.

And, by the way, don’t use money.  It’s printed by the US government.

Don’t expect zoning to protect your neighborhood and don’t expect anybody to plow your road when it snows.

Is there waste?  Of course.

Are there things you wish your taxes didn’t pay for?  Absolutely.

But, I believe in paying for the things we need.  It’s way better than cutting out things, like good schools, care for the mentally ill, and all those other things I mentioned.

— Raleigh Mann