Driving while talking on the phone, handheld or hands free, is as dangerous as drunk driving.  Here in Chapel Hill we have 28,000 students who grew up with cell phones and take for granted communications with their friends and families.

This expectation remains when they get behind the wheel, a prescription for tragedy.  This problem will become exponentially worse as new cars replace older ones.  New cars have built in infotainment systems, best described as smart phones mounted in the center of the dashboard.  Car companies say their customers, especially their younger ones, demand them and address this safety issue by saying they are voice controlled and hands free.

What fatal nonsense.

Someone without a profit motive must address this issue.  The cellphone driving issue will not vanish because the judge rules that it is uniquely a state matter and our conservative legislature will not regulate it.

Eventually, towns will have to step in, but in the meantime, more people will be killed and injured.

— Joe Caposki


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