Meet Flurry.  Flurry is a 9-year-old rag doll mix cat who is available for adoption via Orange County Animal Services.

This laid back cat is declawed and neutered with beautiful silky fur.


Flurry and Ron Stutts

Flurry is also big.  We estimate the cat’s weight at 10-15 pounds.  Learn more about how you can adopt this wonderful cat.

Orange County Animal Services’ mission is to meet the needs of residents by working with volunteers and other partners to deliver cost-effective and integrated sheltering and animal control services that ensure the health, safety and well being of humans, pets and the community as a whole. Addressing the problem of pet overpopulation with a proactive and positive approach is an integral ingredient of the department’s mission.

Orange County Animal Services is the home of many wonderful pets.

They are located on 1601 Eubanks Road in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  The adoption area opens to the public at noon, Monday through Saturday.  See their full hours here.

Listen to WCHL on 97.9 FM, 1360 AM, or online at  Adopt-a-Pet, featuring a new pet that needs a home, airs every Tuesday at 8:40 AM.