As much as I’ve traveled in my lifetime, I should have this packing thing down.  I have no problem picking outfits for my getaways. My problem lies in quantity. I say it every time I return from a trip: pack less! Tough task for a detail-oriented person who wants to be prepared with fashion for every conceivable situation. Each time I travel it’s like a workout with weights, no gym required.  But less is more in the friendly skies. Think lack of overhead space and extra luggage fees. Ouch! No matter your mode of transportation, the streamlined packing approach is your best bet.  As summer excursion season hits, here are some travel tips to know before you go.


1.      Pack light

You’ll be glad you did. Maximize your outfits by mixing and matching items. Start out with your basics. Then throw in pops of color and signature pieces to add variety.

2.      Wear comfy shoes

The last thing you want are feet full of blisters while traveling or at your destination. Try to pack at least one pair of walking shoes. Go with the slip-on trend to capture both comfort and style. I always pack a pair of flip-flops that act as lounge shoes or in case there is a water feature nearby, i.e. hot tub, pool or ocean. A neutral pair of open-toed shooties (shoe boots) can take you from day to night when you might want a dressier look.

3.      Handbags are accessories too!

Usually, I take one, maybe two purses along for the ride. But on my last Spring Break trip I took five. My main purse, a Carolina blue bag for my Final Four moments, a sporty polka dot crossbody bag that I skied with and two small crossbody bags, one in black with gold studs and one in fuchsia. Did I travel in excess of the legal purse limit? Maybe. Since you don’t have access to your full array of accessories while traveling, use your handbags as accent pieces to add that extra touch to complete your outfit.

4.      Dress for the weather

So, this is what got me in trouble on my last trip. I had to pack for three climates.  Snow, heat and everything in between! Be ready for warm days and cool nights. Pack your lighter weight jackets in your suitcase that go with any of the outfits you are bringing. Yes, even though my last trip included snow skiing, I packed an excessive amount of jackets. Next time I will lighten the load. Whatever your mode of transportation, include a pashmina wrap in your carry-on bag to use as a pillow or blanket to keep you cozy and warm when the temperature dips.

This is how The Fashion Plate rolls!


5.      Don’t forget your sunnies

Travel outfits are never complete without a pair of sunglasses. Protect your eyes from the danger of UVs and defend your style with your go-to sunnies or a fabulous flashy new pair.

Remember, in the art of packing… less is more. Yes, I need to follow my own advice.

Travel in style this summer and happy trails!