CHAPEL HILL – The Voice of the Tar Heels, Jones Angell, was the play-by-play voice for UNC women’s basketball from 2004-2006. He’s says he’s seen much of the same reaction among the Carolina family with the news of Sylvia Hatchell’s diagnosis with leukemia.

“The number one thing that seems to be on people’s minds is obviously concern, but people then kind of get a little smile on their face and say, but you know, Sylvia’s a fighter,” Angell says. “There’s no doubt—even if you’ve just watched her on the sidelines, you know the level of intensity that she has there and the level of desire that she puts into just coaching basketball.”

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Angell says the striking thing about Hatchell—which many local people are well aware of—is her personality.

“She’s such a vibrant personality and such a nice person, too,” Angell says. “I think that’s the number one thing that jumps out to you about her is just how quality of a person she is and so family oriented.”