How about Kelly Bryant for a player to be named later?

Shows you how desperate the quarterback situation has become at Carolina, with Chaz Surratt injured again and freshman Cade Fortin still trying to save a redshirt year. The hot rumor is graduate transfer Kelly Bryant is looking at UNC for his next school.

That would be great for next year, but what about this season? Since the NCAA turns down reasonable waivers, like allowing an exhibition benefit game for hurricane relief, let’s request a far-out waiver… like the Tar Heels can trade for Bryant right now for a future player, which Clemson hardly needs.

Since college athletics are slowly becoming pro sports, why not make the trade and let Bryant suit up for Saturday night’s game against Virginia Tech — just in case Nathan Elliott gets hurt. Bryant could learn Larry Fedora’s offense during a walk-through Saturday morning and run the Fed Spread better than anyone has since Marquise Williams.

Okay, the NCAA’s is considering it. But who does Clemson get for future use? Why not Surratt, who is likely to miss the rest of this season and make it a red-shirt year, so he will have three seasons of eligibility left in Death Valley.

The NCAA will grant that waiver, too, that Surratt can play for the Tigers next season, in case Trevor Lawrence gets hurt or if he turns pro after the Tigers beat Alabama in the 2018 national championship game. What, Lawrence can’t enter the NFL draft after only two years in college? No problem, another waiver.

Surratt might have a better chance to play at Clemson next year than at Carolina, with Bryant or Fortin quarterbacking the Tar Heels. And, the two-time two-sport athlete of the year in North Carolina will definitely get more playing time for Brad Brownell’s team than he could on Roy Williams’ roster.

So we’re set, right? Bryant traded to Carolina for the future rights to Surratt, and if the NCAA won’t allow any of that, just wait till next year when the FBI is running intercollegiate athletics.

Photo by Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports